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Silkies Enriche Ageless Moisturizer

Silkies Enriche Ageless Moisturizer



Silkies Enriche is a skin care line whose parent company is the producer of well known Silkies hosiery and pantyhose. Silkies Enriche’s Ageless Moisturizer is an anti-aging solution that the company claims has been clinically proven to minimize wrinkles and fade fine lines.


The Ageless Moisturizer also helps keep the skin hydrated and moisturized while helping firm it as well. The formula uses a patented lissome cellular delivery system to deliver the anti-aging nutrients in it through the outer layers of  the skin into to the cells that needs them most. It also provides SPF 14 protection against harmful rays from the sun as well.


What is unique about Silkies Ageless Moisturizer is that it comes in three different formulations for different age groups. One is for women age 30-40, another for age 40-50, and the third one is for age 50 and over. Each contains a slightly different formulation that is optimal for the age group. The one for 30 to 40 year olds is made to help protect the skin from the signs of aging. The 40 to 50 formulation focuses more on replenishing the skin. The 50 and over formula concentrates on rebuilding the skin.


Currently Silkies is offering a 1 oz bottle free sample of their Enriche Ageless Moisturizer. In addition, the company is also including their eye wrinkle stick for free. The retail cost of the Ageless Moisturizer is $39.99 and their Eye Wrinkle Stick cost $14.99. You have to pay $4.95 for the shipping and handling.