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Captiva Stretch Mark Formula

Captiva Stretch Mark Formula


Captiva Stretch Mark Formula is a cream that reduces the visible appearance of stretch marks and leaves skin looking smoother. This is especially a good product for women that have stretch marks left behind from giving birth, which look unattractive and unsightly.


The product claims to have the ability to reduce many types of stretch marks no matter their age. Whether it is stretch marks from your pregnancy, a scar from a C-section, or from other surgeries. Aside from helping women who have given birth and have unwanted stretch marks left behind, Captiva stretch mark formula also helps reduce stretch marks caused by other reasons as well.  The product works at reducing stretch marks for both men and women. Although like any other beauty product, it’s mainly targeted towards females.


The company also states that younger men and women may also get some stretch marks as well, especially during puberty, when the body changes rapidly. I haven’t heard much of this occurrence before, but it makes sense since usually stretch marks are caused by a rapid change in the size of your body. Some examples are after giving birth or losing a large amount of weight in a short period of time.


Captiva Stretch Mark Formula is a fairly new product from Captiva Skin Care. Based on the reviews I found regarding the product online, it seems to have produced positive results for a few individuals. Some stated that it does work and helped reduce the visible appearance of their stretch marks after a few weeks of use. Of course, like any other skin care product, it might not work for everybody. You really do have to try it out for yourself to know.


Captiva Skin Care is offering a 14-day free trial of their stretch mark formula where you only pay $4.95 for standard shipping. They also have faster shipping options at higher shipping prices. The retail cost for a 6 oz bottle of Captiva Stretch Mark Formula is $49.95.


Free Trial: Captiva Stretch Mark Formula. 14-day trial. $4.95 S&H


Captiva Stretch Mark Formula uses peptides like many other skin care products designed to reduce wrinkles or stretch marks. Peptides are compounds that help enhance the skin’s ability to fend off damaged areas by stimulating cell production. Their proprietary formula is designed to help the skin in the dermal level, where new skin cells are made. The formula contains a proprietary blend of peptides, which is designed to produce a noticeable improvement in stretch marks.


Unlike some other products, Captiva Stretch Mark Formula reaches and treats the dermis layer. This is fairly important since stretch marks actually start developing in the dermis layer (the middle layer) of the skin. Some other moisturizers only treats the surface of your skin. This does not help reduce stretch marks that are formed because of a cellular breakdown in the dermis layer.


For best  results, should be applied twice a day after cleaning, drying the skin. You massage the cream on the areas on stretch marks until it is absorbed. The company states that the skin may tingle or become slightly red for a few minutes after applying and that it is normal.


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