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BellaClear is a three step anti-acne solution designed to help eliminate acne and help restore the skin. My teenage son is currently using Bella Clear for around three months now and had some fairly goods results with it. Combined with enforcing a better diet with a lot less junk food on him and making sure he using BellaClear everyday, he only has a few pimples left. Whether or not he will develop outbreaks later remains to be seen, but for now I’m happy with the results.


Of course not every one’s skin is the same and results will vary. Like any other skin care product you really have to try it first to really know if you works for you or not. My son tried other popular acne products like Proactiv, which many claim was very effective, but it didn’t seem to work too well for him.


BellaClear includes a cleanser, toner, and a restoration lotion like many other anti-acne solutions. Seeing the product is mainly designed for teenagers, they were smart enough to label the bottles, Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3.  Without them, some teenagers (probably the boys) might have to take some time to figure out when to use which bottle.


The company is currently offering a free trial of BellaClear for $4.87 in shipping and handling. The retail cost of BellaClear is $78.41 for a 1 month supply.


Free Trial: BellaClear Acne Treatment. $4.87 S&H



Below are pictures of the three step solution of Bella Clear my son is using right now, along with a quick review and information on each one. My son says that for the renewing cleanser and restoring lotion, it is a little hard to squeeze out of the bottle. He says that he has to squeeze the bottles harder then other products, which is why the labels on the bottle are wrinkled. I guess it didn’t occur to him to try taking off the cap instead until I told him to.

BellaClear Renewing Cleanser

Step 1. Renewing Cleanser. The first step is washing your face with the cleanser. One of the ingredient used in the facial cleanser is salicylic acid, which is an effective acne solution. Other ingredients include aloe vera, kelp, calendula and chamomile. These ingredients are fairly mild and gentle. The cleanser is designed to remove the dirt, grime and make-up from the face.

BellaClear Refreshing Toner

Step 2. Refreshing Toner. After washing the face with the cleanser, you then apply the toner which helps hydrate and soothes the skin and removes excess oil left behind by the cleanser. Like other toners, it is recommended you apply it with a cotton pad or a cotton ball. A good thing about the toner is that it is alcohol-free. Alcohol is an ingredient that is harsh on the skin and long term usauge of skin care products with acohol in them might lead to damaging the skin. One of the ingridients in the toner is witch hazel, a natural herbal extract that has some cleansing, soothing and healing properties.

BellaClear Restoring Lotion

Step 3. Restoring Lotion. The restoration lotion is to help restore the skin and also prevent future acne breakouts. One of the ingredients in the lotion is benzoyl peroxide, another common acne fighting ingredients used in many anti-acne products. Like using other products with benzoyl peroxide, it is recommended to wear sunscreen or sunblock if your face is going to exposed to the sun. Another ingredient is coleus forskohli oil which is a noted natural ingredient used to treat acne. BellaClear claims their restoring lotion is both effective at preventing acne for both teenagers and adults.

BellaClear recommends that teenagers with acne should be older then 12 years before using their product.


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