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Why Smoking is bad for your Skin


Most of us already know the health risks involved with smoking. Heavy smokers faced the risk of lung cancer, emphysema, and other diseases. However many may not know that smoking can also damage your skin as well. People that have smoked long enough often develop what is know as smoker’s lines around their face. Smoker’s lines are wrinkles that develop usually around the upper lip, the eyes, the forehead, and the cheeks.


Smoker’s line develops due to the effect of the smoke on the skin. The nicotine from the smoke affects capillaries in the face, reducing the amount of oxygen it gets. As a result, the skin of smokers would develop more wrinkles and have drier skin compared to those that do not. Those smoker’s lines are often deeper then normal wrinkles. A clinical study showed that the skin of a regular smoker looks 10 or more years older than non-smokers.


Aside from older looking skin, smoking also affects your complexion. Usually the skin color of regular smokers appears more yellowish or grayish and less healthy. It’s kind of hard to describe in words but for many, it is easy to tell if someone is a smoker or not by looking at their complexion. Generally, it is easier to tell for men since they do not wear makeup like women.


Being constantly exposed to second hand smoke would also cause the same effects on the skin. It is generally smart to avoid second hand smoke due to health risks from pro-longed exposure to begin with, not to mention the smell also. Damage to your skin is another reason to add on top of the list.


I have heard of some females that smoke just to help themselves stay thin. However, they are also risking damage to their skin by doing so. This is ironic since they smoke to help maintain part of their appearance and at the same time, they are damaging another part.


Obliviously the best solution is to try to quit smoking or not to start and try to avoid second hand smoke. Now for some that may not be possible. Some people try very hard to quit smoking but really can’t. Others have an occupation where they have to be exposed to smoke such as employees in bars and casinos. Then at the very least, it is important to use adequate skin care products that nourishes and moisturizes the skin to reduce the harmful effects of smoke.


If you are a smoker and have wrinkles you believe are caused by smoking, then you might want to give UnDamage a try. It is a serum especially designed to reduce “smoker’s lines”.