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Silicon Dioxide and Instant Vanishing Wrinkle Creams

 Deception Instant Vanishing Wrinkle Cream


For the last year or two, silicon dioxide has become a fairly popular ingredient used in some instant acting wrinkle creams and concealers. Deception made by Dremu skin care is one of the more popular ones. Renuven and LifeCell from South Beack Skin Care also utilizes silicon dioxide in addition to other ingredients.


The silicon dioxide used in these wrinkle creams is tiny microscopic particles, which reflect away light. They are safe to apply on the skin and after a minute or two of being applied, they diminish the appearance of wrinkles that the human eye can see. The effect is temporary and would go away if your skin comes in contact with water like most other instant acting wrinkle reducers. However, for many, silicon dioxide works much better then wrinkle concealers with other ingredients.


How exactly does silicon dioxide work to conceal wrinkles? A complete explanation would require a rather complicated description of how the human eyes works and a chemistry lesson behind the properties of silicon dioxide.


In simpler terms though, what the human eyes perceive as wrinkles on faces is actually just a shadow made by the wrinkles. When applied, wrinkle creams with silicon dioxide fills in the wrinkles and reflect light away from it. When the light is reflected away, there is less of a shadow being created. Therefore, the appearance of wrinkles to the human eyes is diminished.


Do these wrinkle creams with silicon dioxide really work? For most, it does help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. How well they work well vary person by person. The degree they reduce the appearance of wrinkles by would usually depend on how severe they are. It is much easier to conceal lighter wrinkles then heavier ones.